GIB Gallery of Beauties

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The idea of G|B was born when Raphael, the founder and CEO of G|B, visited the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich 2 years ago.
King Ludwig I of Bavaria gathered between 1827 and 1850 in the south pavilion a collection of 36 portraits of the most beautiful women from Munich. This collection became famous as the Gallery of Beauties.
Raphael was inspired by the idea and founded the first online Gallery of Beauties. How it works: Beautiful women worldwide can apply to enter the Gallery of Beauties by creating a profile and uploading their best pictures in the Gallery of Contestants. In this Gallery visitors can vote for their favourites, and a professional jury is selecting the most beautiful among them to enter the Gallery of Beauties.
But is beauty not reduced to a single dimension by simply gathering pictures of the most beautiful women?
Raphael agrees that in a portrait, painted or digital, not all aspects of a woman’s beauty are visible, and true beauty always lies inside. But since thousands of years artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, etc.) are portraying female beauties and transporting theirs images into the future. Raphael wants to go even further, and like King Ludwig I of Bavaria he wants to make the beauties part of history.

Feel free to have a look on his webpage. It can be, that you are also one Beauty of his Gallery and become famous.




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