Jewellery Designer Sabina Kasper



Sabina Kaspar is a Swedish jewellery designer. She is influenced by contemporary designer Swedish arts and crafts,  classic movies and pop music artists. She started creating jewellery to fulfill a life-long dream. She has always been fascinated by the lustre and éclat sought in stones and natural materials, such as pearls, gold and silver. Even though Sabina studied international economy and marketing alongside law at university, she soon realized that she was following the wrong path. Despite the fact that her parents weren’t happy with her decision, she followed her dream and began a course in art & design at the University of Stockholm. Her personal story is a whirlwind of travelling, creativity, academic study and passion. Her collections have already been published in many internationally acclaimed magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Vogue UK, Elle, The NY-times and more.
As above, she gets her inspiration from nature, the Swedish art-scene, classic movies, fashion, colours, architecture, mathematics and poetry; but every one of pieces has a central motif of love. Sabina’s personal secret is to achieve peace and wealth in her personal life and to ensure that her designs are celebrated for years to come.
Sabina would love for her jewellery to be a symbol of peace and good-fortune and to be seen in this manner by posterity.   are reaching peace and fortune, with achieving historical memory of beautiful design.


Have a look at her website to see more of her beautiful / intricate / stunning jewellery. We can confirm that it is pure luxury at affordable prices.

If you are interested in a piece of jewelry, you have a special offer. So, do not hesitate to have a look on her products. Password: Lara



To reminisce a lovely romantic moment hand in hand under the sunset.

Sunset-EarringSunset-chain-necklace sunset_bracelet sunset_ringScreenshot 2013-12-28 18.44.17 Devilish_champagne_cognacDevilish_pink_ring Kitten_Tahiti_blackKitten_black_ringPaint_sky Bullet-necklace


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