Lune Paris Boutique



Céline Jendly is a fashion designer who has her atelier showroom in Paris, in one of the city’s most beautiful areas near the Sacre-coeur de Monmartre. She allows her creativity to flow through the space without any restraint and creates unique pieces that are distinguished by both their liberal styles and modernity. They suit all different styles and clothing.
She also offers custom-made  pieces and can even breathe new life into your most-treasured possessions, meaning that she can transform them into a whole new design or just give them an updated look. In addition she creates ties, belts, gloves, brooches and many other items and presents them in innovative ways, giving you styling ideas in the process.
From time to time, she organizes fashion shows to show her new collection. Of course it’d be interesting to go along one day, to see her collection come to life and inevitably, to admire her designs.

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