A short trip to Monaco



Monaco, an independent state on the Côte d‘Azure is famed for its luxurious atmosphere/air/credentials and for being a popular place of residence amongst the world’s wealthy. One of our favorite places was the Place du Casino as it is one of the most picturesque attractions in Monaco. There is the famous Hôtel de Paris, the Casino of Monte-Carlo, the opera house and a lot of shopping. From the old town, where the Royal Family’s Rector’s Palace is, there’s a fantastic view.
If you have the chance to go, definitely take it! It is worth visiting! We went recently and loved it. During the day we did a lot of sightseeing and in the evening we couldn’t resist gambling in Monte Carlo’s casinos. Afterwards we indulged ourselves the Hôtel de Paris restaurant and stayed in one of their wonderful rooms for the night.


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