The wonderful Venice



Venice is a wonderful city that’s easy to fall in love with. It’s so romantic with its narrow alleyways, little bridges, boats and other great things. The architecture in Venice is also wonderful and takes you back in time. We just walked around and we always discovered special new locations on every route. The city is like an labyrinth, but if you have time, just let yourself go.
The gondola is the trademark of Venice. You have to take a ride to admire the city from the water when you’re there. The boat captain will show you everything you want and take you to the most picturesque locations in Venice. There are also lot of operas and plays on in Venice and it would have been great to go! Unfortunately we didn‘t have enough time to go, but hopefully / definitely will get around to it next time. We really liked the comfortable? unique? atmosphere in Venice, we know we won‘t find anywhere else. We did consider going to Venice during the Carnival but we decided there would have been too many tourists – luckily we don’t regret our decision!

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