Chichén itzá



There are a lot of ruins in Mexico and each one of them has something uniquely archaic lying within. Chichén itzá is one of the most important surviving habitats on the Yucatan peninsula and attracts tourists from around the country and from all over the world. Its heritage can be traced back to the late Mayan people who built these present-day ruins over a thousand years ago. It is unthinkable that these people could construct these gigantic ruins and the history they bring with them.
Chichén itzá is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. I was there recently and was overawed by the ruins. It was very interesting to see everything up close and to get to know more about the Mayan culture. It isn’t possible to look at everything, as there are many untold secrets. There are lots of different opinions from different people, who all agree to disagree! One can only dare to imagine what those walls have seen!

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